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Scream 4 Press Conference Video

Press conference with Courteney Cox, David Arquette, Neve Campbell and Wes Craven to promote the release of Scream 4. The conference took place at the Mondrian in West Hollywood, CA. Thanks to rdesalvo for uploading!



David on Courteney: ‘We’re Working on Our Relationship’

ET was there as David Arquette and Courteney Cox reunited briefly during the junket for their upcoming film ‘Scream 4.’

The two joked, shared a hug and even held hands before exchanging interview seats while discussing Wes Craven‘s fourth installment in the hugely popular ‘Scream’ horror/comedy franchise.

David gives ET an update on his relationship with Courteney following their announced split in October 2010. “We’re separated, we’re working on ourselves and our relationship, and sort of figuring out what we want. You know, life’s complicated and people go through changes. And I’ve been reading a lot of things about myself, reading books that talk about feelings and changes, and she’s been working on herself a lot too. The great thing is that we really love each other and that we’re really amazing parents together, very supportive — I’m her biggest fan and she’s my biggest fan. You know, that’s what it’s all about really.”

Courteney said she had no problems working with David despite their relationship issues: “It was very easy, we really respect each other and we help each other. I mean, I respect his opinion so much that I’m always asking him ‘What do you think.’ I think it’s very easy, it’s very, very easy to work with him.”

For his part, David says being on the set with Courteney makes him a better actor. “I really love acting with Courteney. I always have fun. It’s always, you know, we’re really loose and it’s easy to feel real, like they’re real moments. That’s my favorite part about acting, when you connect with something where it feels like, you know, you can actually believe it inside.”

‘Scream 4’ — which hits theaters April 15 — comes 15 years after the original began scaring and amusing audiences with a terrifying phone call. Craven reunites original stars David, Courteney and Neve Campbell for ‘Scream 4.’ Also appearing in the film are Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, Adam Brody, Kristen Bell, Anna Paquin and Shenae Grimes.


Quotes From The Scream 4 Press Conference

The Scream 4 press conference is going on right now as I post this,an Eonline columnist has started posting quotes on twitter.. Some of which you can read below..

“It’s fun,” Courteney Cox on playing someone so selfish like Gail Weathers

“We state what the rules” of horror movies are, “but then we immediately break them”–wes craven

Keeping things secret is like “spy work”–wes craven

Courteney Cox said she would have been too scared to do a “devil-possed” type of movie because she’d be too scared.

“I don’t even know what MySpace is,” courtneney cox

Scream 4 on Entertainment Tonight

Below is a short video featuring Courteney and David from the Scream 4 coverage that Entertainment Tonight did a few nights ago,thanks to sidneyloverboy for uploading.

David Arquette & Courteney Cox Share a ‘Scream 4’ Laugh

In perhaps slightly happier times before their separation, David Arquette and Courteney Cox shared a laugh on the set of ‘Scream 4’ as fake blood-splattered Courteney wondered how best to react to a knife-wielding maniac’s attack.

“[Director Wes Craven has] done so many scary movies, and I’ll say, ‘Wes, now what do you think? How would I react if someone came up behind me with a knife, and they stabbed me?'” says Courteney. “And he’s like, ‘You know, Courteney, it’s never happened to me.'”

This comment cracks David up, and Courteney continues, “I’m just thinking, ‘Okay, well, what about the 80 movies that you’ve made? How did it go with those people?’ [Wes is] just funny, really funny.”

“It’s fun working with Courteney and David — I think they’re hilarious together,” says co-star Neve Campbell. “Their characters are sweet and wonderful and funny in a lot of ways.”

In theaters April 15, ‘Scream 4’ finds Sidney Prescott (Neve) haunted by the endless ‘Stab’ sequels being cranked out by Hollywood based on her horrendous past. Although it’s been 11 years since she was last attacked by the killer Ghostface, she’s trying to erase her reputation as a victim by becoming an acclaimed author. Of course, as soon as Sidney’s begun pulling her life back together, Ghostface has decided to make a return appearance, and it’s time for her to confront him again. Meanwhile, Gale Weathers (Courteney) has given up her job as a reporter to marry Deputy Dewey (played by David) and write a number of Stab books, but she’s got some serious writer’s block. Emma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Adam Brody and Anthony Anderson also star.

“Life’s dull, and then some murders happen and it just reignites everything about her, she’s excited,” says Courteney about her character. “We had such a great time making the first three [‘Scream’ movies], and I think it’s been long enough to where the people want to see what happened.”

“Coming back the first day, I was just very excited to see everyone; I was really psyched to see Courteney and David and Wes and the crew, and we’re very much like a family now,” says Neve. “Sidney, Gale, Dewey, I think they’re characters that audiences are fond of and we are fond of.”

“If you liked the other Screams, this is going to be a great one,” says David. “It’s like a return to the first.”

Watch ET for more with the stars of ‘Scream 4’!