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Courteney On Dream Job, David And Dating

Hollywood star Courteney Cox has revealed she would work as an interior decorator had she not managed to launch a successful career in acting.

“I’d decorate houses, I think,” she said when being asked what kind of jobs she considered as a reasonable alternative to her current profession.

The “Cougar Town” star explained: “Decorating homes is my most favourite activity – acting only comes second.”

Speaking to Austrian magazine Live, she also disclosed feeling more like a bear than a cougar. “A bear that can get angry and wild at times,” she stressed.

Cox – who starred in hit sitcom “Friends” and blockbuster horror film series “Scream” – told Live she did not hold a grudge against ex-husband David Arquette for revealing details of their private live on TV and in radio talk shows.

“No, I’m not angry with him. He’s just like that. David is an entertainer and an extremely open and honest person – sometimes a bit too honest,” she said.

The 47-year-old American said she has not started dating ever since the split from the actor who starred in crime film “3000 Miles to Graceland” and cult action horror movie “Eight Legged Freaks.”

“No, I’m not dating anybody at the moment. I’m quite shy and not ready yet, I think. It would feel odd. Apart from that, I don’t like going out that much. I prefer hanging around at home – not the ideal circumstances to meet someone, I know,” Cox told Live.


David Arquette’s crush Jessie J has a crush on his wife Courteney

David Arquette apparently has a crush on singer Jessie J, who it has emerged, has a crush on his estranged wife Courteney Cox.

The actor told Howard Stern that he’s got the hots for the singer, but the Brit singer said at last week’s Vanity Fair-sponsored opening party for the Guess Fifth Ave. flagship store, that she much preferred Courteney Cox – and had even told her so.

Turns out Cox and Jessie had met at the Jimmy Kimmel show that night, soon after Arquette made his comments.

“I said to her, ‘If it means anything, I’d much rather date you than him,'” the New York Daily News quoted her as saying.

Cox, for her part, told the singer that she’d downloaded her album and was a fan.

‘Cougar Town’ spoilers shared at the TV Academy in Los Angeles

The cast and creator of Cougar Town took the stage at the TV Academy in Los Angeles earlier tonight to talk about their now fan favorite comedy series. Admittedly, the show about a woman in her early forties with a teenage son starting over after a divorce began very much as a Courteney Cox-led ensemble vehicle, but as the episodes went on, it very much became a straight ensemble. Sure Cox is still front and center, most notably because everyone is always hanging out at her house, but it is the energy the cast has together that drives the show and causes such a raucous response.

And such a response was certainly in attendance last night! Fans lined up outside the theater to get autographs and photos with their favorite castmembers, often yelling “Penny Can!” at them as they were pulled away to take photos on the red carpet. Fans also expressed their deep feelings about the couples on the show, and showrunner Bill Lawrence even went so far as to use those in the audience as an impromptu focus group, asking if they thought it was “icky” if Laurie (Busy Philipps) and Travis (Dan Byrd) ended up dating next season. For the record, though the actors are pretty close in age, their characters are a decade apart. Still the overwhelming response was that it was fine, which was something series star Cox was thrilled to hear.

But before Lawrence can think too far ahead to season three, we must first get through the current (second season) on-air! The remaining episodes have all been shot already, with the season finale taking the characters to Hawaii, so what can we expect from our favorite wine-swilling cul-de-sac crew?


Well, first and foremost the kids issue is going to come up for Grayson (Josh Hopkins) and Jules (Cox). Babysitting Stan did not satisfy his paternal cravings, even if it may have put a pin in the discussion for a little while. But Jules is so focused on her son, who is about to make a big decision of his own, that she may not have much energy to argue with Grayson about becoming a mother again right now. Travis is about to propose to his girlfriend, something his mother isn’t happy about but will end up coming around on in part. Unfortunately her unsure energy may bleed over into her son’s relationship because his question does not receive the answer one might hope.

As if that isn’t heartbreaking enough, the usually level-headed, “fifty year old in a nineteen year old’s body” (as Lawrence put it) snaps and begins to spiral, running away to Hawaii to work in a surf shop. In many ways, the kid who always emulated his mother’s strong work ethic begins to follow in his father’s shoes a little bit more, much to his dismay, because Bobby (Brian Van Holt) just wants his kid to finish school and succeed.

Hence the need for the rest of the gang to take a vacation. While there, of course some are more invested in getting Travis to come home, while others just want to drink and have a good time.

Also going down in Hawaii? Some bromance bonding for Andy (Ian Gomez), Sam Lloyd reprising his role as Ted Buckman, an original Grayson Ellis tune strummed on the ukulele, and a rival for Big Carl!

You can hear the cast tease more about Cougar Town’s final season two episodes in the video to the left!

But before we have the season finale, there will be quite a few adventures in between, including guest appearances by Nia Vardalos, Lou Diamond Phillips, and Barry Boswick, the latter of whom plays a new love interest for Barb (Carolyn Hennesy) who wants her to be more demure.

Cougar Town airs on ABC, Wednesday nights at 9:30pm.

Courteney Cox and Costars Laugh Off Cougar Town Dating Rumors

Laughter is the best medicine. That’s what Courteney Cox and her Cougar Town costars realized after the star separated from husband David Arquette last year, especially when lots of false dating rumors began swirling around – specifically linking Cox, 46, to costars Brian Van Holt and Josh Hopkins.

“I don’t think that [Josh and Brian] were quite used to it,” Cox told PEOPLE at “An Evening with Cougar Town,” a tribute to the show held by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on Wednesday in L.A. “For sure, they weren’t used to it! And I’m kind of so used to hearing about my dating, I don’t care.”

Hopkins, who plays Cox’s love interest on the show, admitted he was blindsided by the sudden flurry of speculation, especially after he vacationed with Cox in St. Barts recently, but didn’t take it too seriously.

“It’s really been very easy to laugh off,” said Hopkins, 40. “She’s been in the limelight for so long she doesn’t think twice about it. She does not live her life in fear of what people might say.”

Van Holt, who plays Cox’s ex-husband, also quickly learned to take the rumors in stride. “Oh, you just laugh it off, I guess,” he said. “Don’t take it seriously and don’t listen.”

Teasing Each Other

Teasing from his castmates helped relieve any pressure, said Van Holt. “They’re always heckling. And I wonder: who’s next on the cast list?”

“I’m waiting for my turn!” joked costar Ian Gomez (who is married to actress Nia Vardalos in real life). “Apparently everyone else gets to date her!” But Gomez admitted he understands why the rumors started. “Hey, if I saw the two of them in St. Barts together I would assume the same thing,” he said. “But knowing them, I know that it’s ridiculous.”

Costar Busy Phillipps said she poked fun at the pair when the rumors surfaced. “I texted Josh when they were in St. Barts and I was like, ‘Will you stop dating Courteney, because it’s getting really awkward for the rest of us?’ ”

But that didn’t stop Cougar Town producer Bill Lawrence from cutting to the chase Wednesday night. He (jokingly) put Cox and Hopkins on the spot in front of the live audience, asking them point-blank if they were dating. “I want to!” said Cox. “But whatever. I tried. But he hasn’t made any moves on me.”

On a serious note, Cox said that dating isn’t even on her agenda at the moment. “Not for me right now,” she says. “Not right this minute.”

But the star does say that the support of her coworkers has been invaluable since her split with Arquette. “I do lean on all of the people on the show,” she said. “Also I like to distract myself. During hard times it’s just also better sometimes just to work, and it’s great to do a comedy. Somehow it’s like they kind of go together. I got to step out of it and try to be funny.”


Courteney Cox Thought David Arquette Had Gay Cruising App

To put it mildly, Courteney Cox has endured her shared of surprises and drama with estranged husband David Arquette.

Cox, 46, continued to speak super-frankly about their talked-about relationship during a Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live — dishing on a recent discovery that had her wondering whether Arquette might be harboring a secret.

As she was buying new songs on iTunes, the Scream 4 actress was perusing the purchase history of the iTunes account she and Arquette, 39, share.

She noticed someone had downloaded a slew of self-help books by author Eckhart Tolle — plus the iPhone app Grindr.

Employing GPS technology, Grindr is a popular application used by gay men to meet (and often hook up with) other local guys. Cox was taken aback, she told Jimmy Kimmel. “Wow, what if you don’t know the person you’ve been with for that long? [I wondered] if David’s been buying Grindr!”

“I called up my assistant, who happens to be gay,” Cox continued, explaining that she was “shaking” as she asked if he had downloaded Grindr himself through their account.

Indeed, the assistant had, in fact, downloaded the app (for free) on the acccount.

Although Cox was game to chat about her husband of 11 years and dad to Coco, her 6-year-old daughter, Arquette recently told Us Weekly he’s “sick” of talking about their marital struggles.

“All of this started because there are lies out there a lot of the time, and I wanted to be honest and speak my mind,” said the star, who’s recovering since exiting rehab in January.


Courteney Cox Regrets Howard Stern Show Surprise

Courteney Cox regrets her surprise appearance on shock jock Howard Stern’s radio show last week (ends15Apr11) – because the chat got way too personal and she was too candid.

The former Friends star stunned Stern and her husband David Arquette, who was co-hosting the satellite show, when she walked into the studio last Thursday (14Apr11) and sat down to chat.

But the appearance turned into a therapy session as Stern and Arquette grilled her over the state of her marriage – Cox and Arquette separated last summer (10).

Stern quizzed her about her sex life, extra-marital affairs and went “deep” into her relationship with her husband, who was happy to encourage the prying DJ.

Cox eventually walked out, but not before she’d said enough to make the pages of the tabloids and all the gossip Internet sites.

She says, “They got heavy, deep and real. I was not expecting the questions, like, ‘Are you going to get back together?’ I was like, ‘Wow, dude, this is…’ It was really personal stuff… and David was like, ‘Yeah, tell me!’

“You say things on Howard, or Howard says things and you agree and then it’s all over the press… I said something about David and it was like, ‘Courteney says David is sex obsessed.’ I just told one story, I was just joking.”