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Jan 26th

Cougar Town: Baby Talk for Jules and Grayson?

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Cougar Town may be about to disappear from TV schedules for two months, but no need to start binge drinking merlot just yet. Days after ABC renewed the comedy for a third season, the stars and executive producers welcomed reporters to its Los Angeles set to preview what’s coming up next for the cul-de-sac crew. In between gazing at Big Carl revealing which star is the best at Penny Can (Ian Gomez says Josh Hopkins is the one to beat), the cast and crew discussed Jules and Grayson’s next big obstacle, Bobby’s love life and the cliff-hanger ahead for Travis and Kirsten.

A (Baby) Speed Bump Is on the Way for Jules and Grayson: Now that Grayson was (Hopkins) finally able to man up and tell Jules (Courteney Cox) he loves her, there are only clear skies ahead for one of the cul-de-sac’s cutest couples, right? Wrong! “The tension, at some point, is going to come from the fact that Grayson wants kids and Jules doesn’t,” Hopkins tells “That’s where it’s headed.”

Will We Get to Meet Andy’s Lesbian Sister?: Following guest spots by Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston and Ken Jenkins, Cougar Town‘s friends and family policy is next hoping to include Gomez’s wife, My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos. Lawrence hopes to get her on the show before the end of the year, but who will she play? “She’s probably going to try to be one of the guy’s love interests. I’m hoping that she’s my lesbian sister or something like that,” Gomez jokes. “I’m not trying to pitch any ideas because I trust that they’re going to come up with something great.”

Bobby Is Playing the Field (in More Ways Than One): Season 2 has been a big growing year for Bobby, who saw his only son head off to college and is now determined to return to golf professionally. “I’m happy that [co-creators and executive producers] Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel decided to have Bobby evolve more and have a little bit more success rather than screwing up constantly and being the lovable loser,” Brian Van Holt says. This new maturity also pushes Bobby to re-enter the dating scene with the inevitable successes and failures along the way. “He has a difficult time holding down a girlfriend,” he says with a laugh.

Is There Trouble in Paradise for Travis?: The writers plan to embrace the hiatus with a small cliff-hanger involving Travis (Dan Byrd) and his girlfriend, Kirsten (Collette Wolfe) It’s a situation that closely resembles maybe what Jules’ past was — although it doesn’t mirror it,” Biegel says.”Young love is a big part of it. Jules dealing with that kind of takes us through the end of the year.”

More Penny Can Is Coming!: Fans clamoring for more Penny Can, you’re not alone. The gang’s favorite game — both on-screen and off- according to the cast themselves — will be soon available for purchase Biegel promises, adding that an upcoming episode will center on the game, “There’s a big story coming with Penny Can where Bobby tries to sell Penny Can and becomes a baron and makes money and it’s shockingly successful.”

Cougar Town airs Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c on ABC.


Jan 20th

FIRST LOOK: Courteney Cox & David Arquette in Scream 4

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(Click for bigger)

When the first Scream came out 15 years ago, it marked not only the re-invention of the slasher film genre, but also the beginning of one of Hollywood’s most touching romances: Courteney Cox and David Arquette. Now that the pair have separated, it is bittersweet that the fourth installment of the franchise may be their last project as couple.

In the film, Arquette, 39, and Cox, 46, reprise their roles as Sheriff Dewey Riley and one-time newswoman Gale Weathers, now Riley’s wife, who have to deal with the return of the killer Ghostface after a decade-long absence.

While Neve Campbell also returns from the first film, the rest of the cast are newbies, including Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, and Emma Roberts.

Despite his personal struggles, returning to Scream and acting again with Cox was a rewarding and emotional experience for Arquette. “It was very cathartic for me going back to where it all started,” the actor told PEOPLE in August. “In this industry, it doesn’t happen a lot where you’re involved in a project that spans 14 years. It’s really been amazing.”

Scream 4 opens in theaters on April 15. Look for the trailer to premiere on Entertainment Tonight on Thursday evening.

Jan 20th

Courteney Cox: No More Friends!

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The TV interviews for the RTÉ Guide and TEN began with a visit to the ‘Cougar Town’ set at The Culver Studios yesterday, where Courtney Cox insisted that no more Friends’ stars will guest on the show.

Although some distance from Hollywood, Culver City is where the original MGM studios were based and many classic movies were filmed there, including ‘The Wizard of Oz’, ‘Citizen Kane’ and ‘Grease’.

Culver Studios was where ‘Gone With the Wind’ was shot, while in more recent times it has been home to popular TV shows such as ‘Lassie’ and ‘Batman’. Of the current crop, ‘Cougar Town’ is one of its most successful productions.

Getting behind the scenes is part of the fun on press trips, and wandering through the set of ‘Cougar Town’ was no different. It’s amazing how unrealistic such sets are to the naked eye – but that’s part of the magic of showbiz.

Sitting outside the office of Jules Cobb’s real estate business, the cast were brought out in three stages: Ian Gomez and Christa Miller, who play husband and wife Andy and Ellie; Josh Hopkins (Grayson), Brian Van Holt (Bobby) and Busy Philipps (Laurie); and finally, Dan Byrd (Travis) and Courtney Cox (Jules).

For Courtney Cox, tone of the big moments in the second season – starting soon on RTÉ Two – was having pal and fellow former Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston guesting on the show, as a therapist. “It was amazing and fun, and everything about it was fantastic,” she recalls. “I’m so glad that it happened.” And as for Aniston playing a therapist? “We wanted something that was kooky and fun and just right for us,” she says.

Fans may recall that another Friends’ cast member, Lisa Kudrow, appeared in season one, but Cox feels that there will be no more Central Perk heads appearing on Cougar Town. “They’re all too busy,” she insists.


Jan 10th

Matt Le Blanc rules out “Friends” reunion show

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Actor Matt Le Blanc has emphatically ruled out a reunion of the hit show “Friends.”

The actor, who played lovable rogue Joey in the long-running series, said he doesn’t want to reunite with the other members.

‘No. I’d rather have a party and everybody there,’ said Le Blanc, 43, when asked by TV Guide if he wanted a “Friends” TV reunion.

‘Friends was this magical, cool thing, like lightning in a bottle and I feel super fortunate to be part of it.

‘But I can’t see a reunion not feeling gratuitous. What would the story be? We all get together and what? Have coffee? It would be almost sad. It’s better to just imagine what those characters are doing now, because then it can be whatever you want it to be.’

The series ran for 236 episodes from 1994 to 2004 with its final episode attracting more than 52 million m viewers in the U.S.Le Blanc’s new show, “Episodes,” premiered Saturday on Showtime.


Dec 8th

‘Fitness’ picks best celeb bods

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Time for a year-end list. Here are Fitness magazine’s picks for the “best” celeb bods:

Best Age Defiers (a tie):
Courteney Cox, 46, who stays fit with the Tracey Anderson Method, a combination of dance aerobics and toning. And Kathy Griffin, 50. Although the comedienne has turned to diet pills and plastic surgery in the past, Fitness says she has lately stuck with diet and exercise to stay trim.

See the full list here

Nov 27th

Courteney Cox: Coco Wants a Dog for Christmas

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Courteney Cox was recently served with a “chilling” document: her daughter Coco Riley‘s Christmas list.

“She wants a puppy!” Cox, 46, tells PEOPLE with a laugh. “Which is unfortunate because we have two dogs.”

But with the 6-year-old landing firmly on Santa’s nice list, the actress seems resigned to her fate of a three-dog home, and negotiations between the two parties have already cleared their first hurdle.

“All I said was, ‘No Chihuahuas!’ explained Cox while attending the OmniPeace by Jordan Klein launch at Kitson on Friday. “[And Coco replied,] ‘No, they’re just crazy!’”

With over a month left to work out the details of her daughter’s gift, the actress is looking to keep the rest of her holidays as low-key as possible.

“I don’t have any big plans,” she admits. “Just hanging with the family.”