Courteney Cox’s Snowball Fight With Coco

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Coco Arquette knew what to do when her mother answered her mobile phone during their wintry walk in New York’s Central Park.

She won back her attention with a cheeky snowball, which landed on Courtney Cox as she chatted away.

The Friends actress didn’t seem to mind, laughing away with her daughter as she finished her conversation.

Four-year-old Coco was wrapped up warm for her walk in a pink jacket and woolly mittens and scarf, while her mother chose a down bomber jacket and Ugg boots.

The two were joined by 44-year-old Courteney’s mother Courteney Copeland.

This winter has been one of the coldest for decades across America, even in New York, where conditions are typically milder than the fridgid hinterlands.

But with the cold comes snow – which Coco obviously enjoys.