Courteney Cox Caffeines Up For the Holiday Weekend

Courteney Cox stepped out earlier this week to run errands and grab a coffee in LA. She and David are no strangers to hosting their celebrity friends, so we wouldn’t be surprised if there was a big Thanksgiving event at the Cox-Arquettes this year. Even if Courteney didn’t stock up for a party of her own, we’re sure there was plenty of family love to go around for her, David, and Coco.

Gallery Link – 2008 Candids – Running Errands In L.A – 30th November

4 Comments on “Courteney Cox Caffeines Up For the Holiday Weekend”

  1. Hi,
    I love your site and I’ve been visiting a lot.
    one question: how on earth did you manage to get pictures of their Coquette office?
    who are you? what are you doing? do you have any relation with them or their people?
    thanks to let me know.
    I’m still amazed!

  2. hi
    thanks very much for the comment and thanks for visiting :) unfortunately no,we have no contacts with courteney,david or their familiy or representatives.we got a hold of those photos through photo agencies that we have accesses too. thanks for the question.

  3. Heh, I guess it was just temporary… sorry for bothering… This site is still the best and the gallery is amazing… :-)

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